Masterclass “Decode Brand Storytelling & Branded Content With Patrícia Weiss”

Venerdì 23 settembre OBE Academy, insieme a UPA Academy, ha organizzato un appuntamento speciale per gli Alumni del Master UPA-OBE in Branded Content & Entertainment: la Masterclass “Decode Brand Storytelling & Branded Content with Patrícia Weiss”.
La Masterclass è dedicata sia agli ex alunni delle precedenti edizioni sia ai futuri studenti dell’edizione 2022/2023 del Master in Branded Content & Entertainment, che inizierà il 14 ottobre 2022.


An immersive Brand Storytelling & Branded Content Masterclass about the powerful universe of meaningful brand stories that involve and engage audiences while humanize brands. A workshop that covers the understanding and construction process of brand narratives across the world that amplify brand values and purpose and make sense to the audiences. Human stories with protagonism of people that create value to society while build brand legacy Patrícia Weiss is one of the global recognized experts in Brand Storytelling and Branded Entertainment & Content and developed this immersive Masterclass, practiced for years across the world, to help professionals to better incorporate concepts and drives of the so challenging and powerful intersection of brands, entertainment and people. While the whole group will be decoding successful branded content and brand storytelling projects from different industries/markets, countries and cultures, brand storytelling techniques and criteria will be contextualized and taught by Patrícia in this very inspired experience.

Coloro che sono interessati a iscriversi al Master sono pregati di comunicarlo entro e non oltre il 9 settembre 2022, cosi da poter garantire il proprio posto alla Masterclass con Patricia Weiss.



Patricia, esperta internazionale di Brand Storytelling e Branded Content & Entertainment, è Chairwoman & Founder di BCMA Brazil and Portugal; Head/Strategic Consultant for Branded Content & Entertainment, Brand Purpose & Culture at


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